Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hamara Bajaj- An era is going to End !

Hamara Bajaj.....I still remember those days, when the TV commercial comes in my childhood and I was in dreams to own one. And later on, in my youngster days, I owned one 'Hamara Bajaj' scooter and pridefully rides it with the punch lines, Hamara Bajaj. I have seen My Dad, Uncle and most of the people using this so efficient, fuel efficient, over loading capable machine, and not so much expensive in terms of maintainable machines called as scooter. Now, As Bajaj has come with the announcement today, that they are going to shut the production of Scooter, in favor of Motorcycle, its sad to see, that one time, every middle class's 'Hamara Bajaj' is going on en end.

Lets see now, Motorcycles on which Bajaj is planning to play big, how far will go or how long this era will go on.

Monday, December 7, 2009

India is going to do it - Its all about Innovation!!!

Hello All....

Its just the news I read the news about the appointment of Dr. Sam Pitroda, a leading innovator, entrepreneur and chairman of World-tel as a 'First Innovation Czar of India' to advise the Prime Minister on Infrastructure, innovation, and information.

Dr. Pitroda, who has written in his book called Sillicon India that "We can do it. We will do it. If we do not, who else will?" is in favor of democracy and confident to send the content technology in Rural India.

So, What we should think now or expect now? India is the same land where 0 has been invented and now TATA has come up with the world's cheapest car 'Nano'....Now they are going to come with the world's one of the cheapest water purifier called 'Swach' at 1000 Indian ruppes roughly equivalent to 20 US dollars. So, India is going to lead in innovation in coming year. It might be possible that India is not having manufacturing low cost advantage as China but its true that it's world largest democracy and one of the most innovative country of the world.

So, Best luck to Dr. Sam.

Tea in Bed Times !!

Hi all...

Again.....Tea ...huh....

Good...before writing let me again say....'I am not a tea campaigner..its a just after become unemployed more tEA and More CoffEE is taking place... :)

So here we goes....have you guys ever tried Night Tea ?? while going to sleep have a tea?? if not then try one helps in dreams....such a lovely dreams before sleeping after having a teA....

So, let me get one again and I hope somebody will try it...till next new thing....

and please dont forget TEA cares !!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

TEa CARes !!!!

Hi All.... what reminds you???? Morning tea ....tea at any corner shop or what else ?? Now....there are so many things which must be coming into your mind, like tea works like medicine or drinking tea is healthy and blah blah blah.....

BUT NOW I JUST CAME UP WITH NEW IDEa......instead of saying people, at the end 'Take cares'....why not 'Tea cares'....seemed funny...but its can be a nice try for support of Tea !!! I am not a tea supporter or activist but lets try it !!!!

Best luck and TEA CARES !!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Techneooo !!

Hi All....From Rediff news but it seems to be good for India ...New Kayak

American mobile chipmaker Qualcomm Inc on Tuesday said it hopes to launch a low-cost computing device 'Kayak', which could also be used as a phone, in India in the second half of next year.

The device, to be priced at or under Rs 10,000, will be a 'personal computer alternative' and will undergo trials early next year and is basically targeted at users in rural areas where digital divide is huge, Qualcomm Inc Senior VP Kanwalinder Singh told reporters.

It can offer internet access and the user would also be able to make phone calls.

The San Diego-based wireless technology provider is in talks with major Indian telecom service providers like Bharti Airtel [ Get Quote ] and Reliance Communications [ Get Quote ] for the launch.

"We believe we can build a device consisting of display, keyboard and mouse for less than Rs 10,000. It will make internet access simple, affordable and run for 9-10 hours. The device would also allow users to make calls," he said.

"Early next year, we will start the trial and we hope we should be able to commercialise it in the second half. We are talking to telecom operators like Airtel, Tata Teleservices [ Get Quote ] and Reliance to bring this alternative (Kayak) to India," he said.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Start

Hello All...

Its hard to find what to do new or where is the opportunity now a days.......being an entrepreneur in my young age, I have been always curious to search something new, to start something new, to invent something extra......

So, I ended up to start blogging as something new in my life and to ask ideas and their viability through blogging. Its not only about business, we can go anything which we fill new, it might be language, style, thought or anything.....

So friends.....please join me and lets see where I will go......

Best luck to MEEEEE !!!